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Military Permit to Buy a Rustic Plot in the Balearic Islands

If you are interested in buying a rustic plot in the Balearic Islands, it is important that you know that as a non-EU foreigner you will need a Spanish military permit.
This requirement applies to those who wish to acquire a property on rustic land in towns that are in the “Restricted access zones for foreigners” that comprise more than 1500 Spanish municipalities. If this is your case, you must request this permit from the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Military Permit Requirement for Non-EU Foreigners

Both residents of the United Kingdom and the rest of non-EU foreigners, with the exception of citizens of the countries that belong to the Schengen area, must have a military permit if they want to buy a property located in the aforementioned areas.

How to Request a Military Permit and Find Your Dream Property with Nou Espai

To request the permit, you must submit a request that includes your nationality, personal situation and time spent in Spain, among other relevant data. Once completed, you will have to accompany the application with a photocopy of your passport and residence card, a document that shows the current situation of the property you wish to acquire and a criminal certificate from the country of habitual residence. Keep in mind that the process of obtaining the permit can take up to four months, so it is important to start the procedures early.

At Nou Espai we can help you find the perfect property for you. We offer an advisory service that includes the selection of properties according to your search criteria. Thus, you will be able to take advantage of your stay on the island to visit different properties and find the space of your dreams while enjoying everything Mallorca has to offer.